Got Flair? 4 Bartending Tricks You Need to Know!

Got Flair? 4 Bartending Tricks You Need to Know!

If you're looking to up your bartending game, you're likely going to want to learn some basic flair moves to impress your patrons. Being able to pull off a few simple tricks will likely bring you more tips, more customers and more fun behind the bar! Learning these tricks can be difficult but with the right bartending classes, you'll be looking like a pro in no time!

Basic Flip

A great trick for beginners to learn is the basic flip. No worry, no acrobatics required! Grab the bottle by the neck and flip it 360 degrees in front of you and catch it by the neck or body and begin to pour the patrons drink right away! Simple and sweet!

Ice Throwing

This move will likely be one of the first flair bartending moves many people learn. If you are good at juggling, you shouldn't have much trouble. When you need to put ice in a glass, don't just scoop it, throw several ice cubes in the air and then catch them in the glass. Be sure to get 'em all!

Bottle Stalls

This trick takes the basic flip to the next level, and it will require a bit more practice. When you through the bottle for the flip, instead of catching the bottle let it land in your palm, or on the back of your hand if you're feeling extra confident and then throw it up and catch it by the neck to pour.

Palm Spin

This one seems as if it would be relatively easy, but it takes some serious dedication. Lay a bottle flat in your palm, then use your fingers of the same hand to spin it at least 360 degrees, and then pour. As you practice, try going for 2 or even 3 spins!

Flair bartending is looks awesome when done right, but it can be difficult to learn. With the right tools and coaches you can be taught many tricks that will impress your coworkers and customers, causing your tip jar to explode! For flair bartending classes in Tacoma call the Bartending Academy of Tacoma. Our staff of professional bartenders will also be your teachers who will have you on your way to being an expert in no time. We also offer many other classes for those looking to get into bartending or earn MAST certificates Call the Bartending Academy of Tacoma at 253-655-0819 to sign up for bartending classes in Tacoma today!

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