The Different Kinds of Cocktail Glasses

The Different Kinds of Cocktail Glasses

We're all familiar with the wine glass and the shot glass, but there are a number of different kinds of vessels that go with particular drinks. As you go about building your bartending resume, it's crucial that you know which cocktails go in which glasses, especially if you work at a high-end joint where the clientele is filled with connoisseurs. It's time to take it beyond the basics and start getting to know your glasses. There are many, many different kinds of cocktail glasses. Here are some of the most important:

Champagne flute

This classy, sleek glass is where the bubbles go. Its shapes help to prevent the champagne from turning flat too quickly and it overall design suggests celebration. This is one you'll also use often during brunch shifts for mimosas.

Highball glass

This one has a uniform shape with no stem and is often used for bloody marys. It's not too fancy, but is easy to handle and gets the job done in a tight crowd where you might be bumping into people.

Lowball glass

Many whiskey aficionados prefer this glass. It holds roughly 300 ml and its short height and wide base work well for soaking up the complex smells of a good Scotch. The lowball can also be used for standard single-shot mixed drinks. It's a versatile glass and, like the highball, its lack of a stem makes it sturdy.

Martini glass

This sleek classic is one that you'll use regularly if you're working in a higher-end establishment. You'll use it for more than just martinis. Any drink that you want to give a sultry look can go into the martini glass.

Brandy snifter

This one is generally reserved for good brandys and Cognacs. It has a bulbous body that works well to help release the drink's aroma.

Hurricane glass

This tall, curvy vessel is where you'll find pina coladas and daiquiris. If you find yourself working a cantina, you'll use it often.

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