5 Benefits of Having MAST Certification in Washington State

5 Benefits of Having MAST Certification in Washington State

If you're looking to launch into a new and exciting career where you'll make great money in a sociable atmosphere, then bartending could be just the right fit for you. Before becoming a bartender in Washington, you'll want get your MAST (Mandatory Alcohol Servers Training) certification so that you're qualified to work in reputable establishments. This certification will also put you in position to pick up work as a freelancer, working private events like weddings and work parties. Here's a look at give five great benefits of getting your MAST certification in Washington State.

Work at Reputable Bar or Restaurant

To be able to find work at high-end establishment, where you'll stack the tips high, you'll want to have your MAST certification. Such esteemed locales are sure to keep a well-trained and properly-certified staff.

Private Event Bartender

There's good money in working private parties and corporate events. To be qualified to work these types of gigs, you'll want to have your MAST certification.

Catering Business

To get your catering business of the ground, MAST certification is a great way to help you build credibility.

Bar/Restaurant Management

Even if you're not always pouring or serving the drinks yourself, there are still going to be times where you'll need to step in. Also, if you're requiring employees to have it, then obviously you're going to want to have it yourself.

Bar/Restaurant Ownership

Before getting your establishment off the ground, you'll want to get MAST certification to add credibility to the business plan that you put forth.

If you need to take a MAST certification course, be sure to get in touch with a reputable bartending school. For MAST certification classes in Washington state, the experts to contact are at The Bartending Academy of Tacoma at 253-655-0819. Go ahead and give The Bartending Academy of Tacoma a call today!

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