3 Perks of Being a Bartender on Game Day

3 Perks of Being a Bartender on Game Day

Whether it's the Super Bowl, the World Series, or the World Cup final, the local pubs are going to fill up and the drinks are going to flow, heavily. There's is cheer in the air and, in the end, there is going to be heartfelt celebration or soul-piercing sadness. Either way, it's a memorable ride, and one that provides an opportunity for the barkeep to rake in the loot. The atmosphere is as dynamic as the game and it sure does beat being pent up in a cubicle all day. Meet new people, catch some of the game, and, when your shift draws to a close, stuff your wallet full of cash, and more cash. With proper training, it doesn't take too long to become schooled in the subject of libations. And it's an industry that is time-tested and not going away anytime soon. Now is as good a time as any to start enjoying the benefits, such as working a shift during the big game. There are many perks to working the bar on game day. Here are three:

Tips, lots of tips

It's common practice for patrons to tip a dollar on each drink that they purchase. On a busy game day, those dollars add up fast. You can potentially make over fifty bucks an hour by mixing and pouring, while you hoot and holler. You won't have to wait for payday to come around every two weeks because every shift equals pay day. And the more you show your support for the home team, the more money you're likely to take home. Put on a ballcap to show some love for the local club, and watch the tips stack up.

Get off early

On game day, particularly during football season, the rush often comes during daylight hours. You can rack up the tips and then, once you get off, you'll still have plenty of time to spend a few of those dollars on the other side of the bar. Have your friends come in for the game and then stick around afterward as you get caught up with them. Traditionally, bartending is seen as a job that keeps workers at the pub late into the night. But when it comes to game day, there's a good chance you'll be finished while there's still daylight.

Make money while you watch your team make plays

Sure, the work at hand comes first. But during the big moments, all eyes, including your own, take a moment to turn to the big screen. Instead of blowing all your money as a customer during the game, get on the winning side of the bar and stack the loot while you still catch all the big plays. You get to be a part of the excited-crowd environment too. Rather than toiling away at some mundane office, you'll be high-fivin' along with everyone else. Meet other fans, make new friends, and maybe even establish a friendly rivalry or two. And everyone will appreciate you as the kind soul who keeps the beverages flowing. If the gathering at the pub were a football team, you'd be the quarterback. Be at the center of the action in the bar, while you catch the action on the field.

If you're considering learning the craft of bartending, be sure to get in touch with industry professionals. From Seattle to Portland, the experts to contact are at Bartending Academy of Tacoma at 253-655-0819. Let them help you become the star of the bar.

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