3 Perks of Being a Bartender in the Puget Sound Region

3 Perks of Being a Bartender in the Puget Sound Region

Bartending anywhere can be a dynamic job that allows you to work in a sociable environment where you are the house celebrity who is raking in the cash on a nightly basis. You get to work outside of an office, while making more money than many office workers. All in all, it's a great gig. But in the Puget Sound area there are some particular benefits to taking up residence behind the bar. The Northwest is a beautiful place to live. We all know that. Especially in the summertime---when months of rain have culminated in a lush, green cityscape which is framed by the mountains and the Sound. And when you're stacking dollars every night from your bartending shift, the financial benefit will increase the freedom with which you can explore all that beauty. There are many perks to working as a bartender in the Puget Sound region. Here are three:

The Influx of New Money

The region is growing fast, with significant growth coming in the under-40 demographic. These are people who are generally making good money and have the disposable income to take to the bar. The standard is a dollar tip per drink, but for finely-crafted cocktails it is not uncommon to make more. And on a busy night, those tips add up fast. It's possible to make $300 cash in a night, all while working in a vibrant, exciting environment. Watch your bank account grow right alongside Western Washington's population.

Local Appreciation of Craft

It's commonplace for residents of Puget Sound to be passionate about skilfully-crafted products and are willing to pay top-dollar for them. Whether we're talking about a gourmet meal, elegant clothing, or fine woodworking, there are hordes of Northwesterners who are interested. This applies to craft cocktails as well. Once you've learned and mastered the intricacies of mixology, your talents will not go unnoticed. And the financial rewards will be significant.

Working Seahawks and Sounders Games

In the Northwest, there is an extraordinary passion for both kinds of football. When there's a match, soccer fans pack the bars and wave their scarves. On Sundays, drinkers in the region go wild for the Hawks. Whichever team is on, it makes for an exciting work environment where you get to catch some of the game yourself, all while rolling in the dough.

If you're considering learning the craft of bartending, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. For bartending classes in South Puget Sound, the experts to contact are at the Bartending Academy of Tacoma at 253-655-0819. Let the Bartending Academy of Tacoma help you start to stack up the cash, while having fun behind the bar!

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